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Day 4 - Draw your favourite peppy villager

Day 3 - Draw a side character

Day 2 - Draw your mayor

Day 1 - Draw one of your dreamies
So, Lolly left my town a long time ago, she was one of my original villagers, but I’ve finally cycled out enough people and the search is on!
Finished 1 out of 4 giveaway pieces! c: This one’s for the lovely pekobukis.
I just drew the winners of the giveaway - it ended about 40 minutes ago - and the lovelies who won some sweet art are space-cops and pekobukis!
They’ll be getting a full body and full colour drawing of whatever they want and they’re both followers, so they also get another little gift, which’ll be similar to this except maybe a little animated?

We’ll figure it out, but thanks for joining everyone! c: Maybe I’ll have another giveaway over the summer, but otherwise I’ll be doing commissions soon, so look forward to that as well!
I’ll be messaging the winners in a little bit, but in 2 days I’ll be redrawing if you don’t answer~ :’v
grimbarke sent: Aaa wow I found your art/blog from your giveaway and I just wanted to say how much I adore your art style??? The lines are so clean and the colouring is perfect! Also the way you draw AC characters is fantastic. Keep up the lovely work ohmygosh ;v;

Awwwwww <3 Thanks so much, sweetie! I really appreciate it!

Hello friends! Today&#8217;s the last day of my semester, so I decided to celebrate with Tumblr by doing an art giveaway!
I&#8217;m giving away two prizes for two lovelies who will get a full colour and full body drawing of a character of their choice. They can be a fan character, an OC or even an existing character; a regular person, an animal or whatever!

Here are the rules:
It&#8217;s okay if you&#8217;re not following me; but if you are you get an extra entry and a little extra prize. c:
Likes and Reblogs are one entry each; more than one reblog won&#8217;t get you more entries. (So you can have up to 2 with a like and a reblog, or up to 3 if you follow as well!)
You have 48 hours to reply when I&#8217;ve let you know you&#8217;ve won, this ends on April 27 at 12:00am EST.
Good luck everyone!
Complete now! Thank you everyone for entering!