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Hello friends! Today’s the last day of my semester, so I decided to celebrate with Tumblr by doing an art giveaway!
I’m giving away two prizes for two lovelies who will get a full colour and full body drawing of a character of their choice. They can be a fan character, an OC or even an existing character; a regular person, an animal or whatever!

Here are the rules:
It’s okay if you’re not following me; but if you are you get an extra entry and a little extra prize. c:
Likes and Reblogs are one entry each; more than one reblog won’t get you more entries. (So you can have up to 2 with a like and a reblog, or up to 3 if you follow as well!)
You have 48 hours to reply when I’ve let you know you’ve won, this ends on April 27 at 12:00am EST.
Good luck everyone!
Anonymous sent: OMG your twitch gifs have been so cute! And then I find out you’re so cute! Be still my heart! I’ve been off Tumblr for a hot minute, but I’ma redo my page and get back on soon. Keep on being awesome <3 Giancarlo

Aaaaa thanks a lot! <3 You’re such a cutie, I’ll be sure to follow you back if you send me your url!~ +v+ Sorry if this is really really late, I haven’t been on tumblr for a week or so since it’s been really busy!

Anonymous sent: how does twitch plays pokemon work?

Tens of thousands of people control Red on his journey through Kanto by inputting commands in the Twitch chat. According to the FAQ, “An IRC bot translates buttons said in chat into keypresses”. So we all yell and hope we make progress while Red is literally just possessed by about 90,000 people at this point haha

The more you know!

rivugh sent: ahh you're drawings are the cutest! keep it up<3

Awww, thanks! <3

The struggle never ends
Anonymous sent: What is twitchplayspokemon?

Twitch evoking sadness in me by having 45,000 - 75,000 people play a single game of Pokemon Red. ;_; You should check it out, but it’s really painful to watch right now, since they’re stuck in Silph Co.

The struggle continues
The struggle is real
I don&#8217;t think cats can physically leave tangerines alone.

Grizzly’s such a cutie. His eyes turn red when he’s mad&#160;; 3;~